Coffee Slingers Roasters

Featured in February 2014 Box

We love the creativity that goes into the naming of coffees and coffee farms, but sometimes a name will leave us scratching our chins and wondering what the backstory is. This offering from Coffee Slingers comes to us from an estate in El Salvador called Malacara, whose puzzling English translation is “evil face.” Surely there must be a story behind why this delightful coffee has such a sinister name, but your guess is as good as ours. Our theory is that it’s so satisfying that it will leave a devilish grin on your face after your first sip. Situated on the slopes of the Santa Ana volcano in western El Salvador, the Malacara estate is primed to produce world-class coffees--the volcanic soil is full of minerals and holds just the right amount of water for coffee trees to flourish. The estate has been producing coffee for nearly 200 years, and it’s remained in the hands of the same family ever since farmer Rafael Alvarez Lalinde took ownership in the late 1800s. Third generation farmer Roberto Dumont tends one of three separate plots at Malacara, and his coffees have received enormous praise in recent years for their complex but delicate character. Malacara is the Craft Coffee debut for Oklahoma City’s Coffee Slingers, but it has the swagger of a true veteran. We’re thrilled to help this burgeoning roaster push its hometown into the spotlight as a great American coffee city - and with delicious coffees like this one, that shouldn’t take long.

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We feature truly small-batch, seasonal coffees. So there might not be any left. But that's a good thing! Only big corporate factories have the same stuff all year round.

  • Roaster

    Coffee Slingers Roasters
    Oklahoma City Oklahoma
  • Producer

    Finca Malacara, farmed by Roberto Dumont
  • Origin

    Santa Ana, El Salvador
  • Varieties

    Red Bourbon
  • Elevation

    1,500 meters above sea level
  • Process

  • Our Notes

    Enticing cinnamon and butter pastry aromas give way to a syrupy-sweet cup, dense with flavors of maple and toasted hazelnuts.