Kopi Trading Company

Featured in August 2014 Box

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We feature truly small-batch, seasonal coffees. So there might not be any left. But that's a good thing! Only big corporate factories have the same stuff all year round.

  • Roaster

    Kopi Trading Company
    Queens New York
  • Producer

    Keto Tapasi Association
  • Origin

    Chuave District, Papua New Guinea
  • Varieties

    Typica, Arusha, Blue Mountain, San Ramon
  • Elevation

    1,650-1,750 meters above sea level
  • Process

    Washed, sun-dried
  • Our Notes

    With downtuned flavors of toasted caramel sticky buns and black licorice, this syrupy and smooth coffee finishes unabashedly smoky with suggestions of leather, earth, and cedar.