Partner With Craft Coffee

We work with a select group of exceptional roasters. Our unique program distributes coffees from our featured roasters to hundreds of coffee lovers around the world. calls us:

"a NYC-based specialty coffee subscription service who we feel are among the best in the business."

More About Craft Coffee

  • Wall Street Journal || "an artisanal greatest-hits package"
  • Sprudge || "Craft Coffee's The New Hotness"
  • Serious Eats || "a chance to really compare and think differently about what's being done out there in coffee"
  • Bite Sized Blog || "the team's process for tasting coffee and selecting the beans is extensive"
  • Sprudgie Award-Winner 2012 || Best New Product: "The very act of opening your Craft Coffee box is a joy, the packaging artful, delicate and neat. The coffees selected therein are consistently surprising, unexpected, and splendid. There's some magic in the air at Craft Coffee."

How Do You Get Involved?

  • Send us samples at: Craft Coffee, 140 Metropolitan Ave, FL 3, Brooklyn, NY 11249
  • Sample Size: Bags of 12 ounces are ideal because we will need to have the ability to evaluate your coffee multiple times.
  • Number of Samples: We encourage you to send many samples, rather than just one or two roasts. We evaluate about 60 coffees each month for three spots in our box. If we have more of your coffees to consider, it creates more opportunities for your coffees to be selected.
  • Single-Origin Only: Please send only single-origin coffees. We do not currently include espresso roasts, blends or decaf in our monthly boxes.

What Happens After You Send Us Coffee Samples?

  • Each coffee we receive is seriously considered as a candidate for our monthly box. We understand the passion and hard work that goes into sourcing and roasting amazing coffees, so we always show your coffees the respect they deserve.
  • Immediately after receiving your coffee, we re-bag it into a coded bag. Then a series of blind evaluations begin.
  • Phase 1: NYC's top coffee professionals conduct blind cuppings after receiving your coffee, evaluating your coffee based on standardized evaluation criteria. This ensures that brand bias does not effect our selection process.
  • Phase 2: Only a handful of standout coffees make it past the cupping stage. These standouts are then brewed multiple times with various brew methods. Again, our coffee evaluation team takes detailed evaluation notes.
  • Selection: Each month, approximately 10% of the 50 to 60 coffees we evaluate get flagged by members of our evaluation team as "Craft Coffees." We then work with you, the roaster, to bring your coffees to over coffee lovers in all 50 states and dozens of countries around the world. We develop custom labels and tasting notes. And we work with designers and writers to promote your coffees with inserts that we include in our box.

What Are We Looking For?

We are looking for coffees that reflect the entire story of their production, from the specific characteristics of the farm through the care and craft of the roaster. This leads to a specific set of standards by which we decide which coffees are included in our tasting boxes:
    We look for coffees which:
  • demonstrate exceptional clarity of flavor--whose flavor characteristics are specific and distinct.
  • are roasted to optimally express the flavors inherent to the coffee's origin, variety and processing.
  • demonstrate balance between sweetness, acidity and body in the cup.
  • are completely free of defects.
  • are either exceptional examples of the flavors commonly found in their origin, or are interesting and thought-provoking deviations from those classic flavors.

What Happens If Your Coffees Are Not Selected?

  • You will receive an email from us as soon as we've determined whether any of the coffees you submitted will be featured in our monthly box.
  • If you would like to see our detailed tasting notes of your coffees, we're happy to share those with you.
  • Because we receive so many coffees each month, we often have many pounds of leftover coffee that we can't realistically drink. Any remaining samples are donated to charities.


  • We're looking forward to sampling your coffees.
  • Please send samples to: Craft Coffee, 140 Metropolitan Ave, FL 3, Brooklyn, NY 11249
  • Please provide the roast date, wholesale pricing, and your contact information with your samples.