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You enjoy making your coffee as much as taking the time to savor it. Craft Reserve selections are distinctive, world-class coffees from the finest growing regions across the globe.
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We guarantee you the best prices on the Internet for our featured coffees. We work closely with our roasters to offer limited editions of these coffees at exclusive members-only prices.

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Each time you turn a friend on to Craft Coffee, we’ll give you a bag of coffee for free. Some of our members have earned over a year’s supply of coffee!

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Our Coffee Concierge will give you personal service to help you get the most of your membership, whether you want to perfect your brew or upgrade your equipment.
They do an excellent job all around — interesting sources, thoughtfully assembled — and I really enjoy the element of surprise every month.”
It's not an exaggeration to say it has changed how I think of coffee. Now most of the other coffees seem burnt and unpalatable.”
Amanda Hesser
New York, NY
Author of The New York Times Cookbook
Christopher Bliss
New York, NY
excerpt from TIME Magazine

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When will I receive my first delivery?

We’ll ship your first delivery within 5 business days of your order. You’ll receive a shipping notification with a tracking number as soon as your coffee leaves our Brooklyn headquarters.

Where do Craft Coffee beans come from?

The coffees we select for you come from small, independent coffee roasters around the US who roast each batch by hand.

Can I give Craft Coffee as a gift?

Yes! Click here to see our Gift Products for a range of gift options. When your gift recipient claims their gift, they’ll get to customize their subscription with the same options you see above.

Do you ship gifts to APO or other US Military addresses?

Yes! Craft Coffee is proud to ship to our coffee-drinking members of the armed services. Select the appropriate armed forces branch for your recipient in the "Country" field during checkout.

Can I change my settings after I checkout?

Absolutely! You can easily change your preferred roast, delivery frequency, number of coffees per delivery, or grind setting by logging into your account and visiting “Your Subscriptions.”

Can I put my subscription on hold?

Yes - you can hold your subscription at any time by logging into your account and visiting “Your Subscriptions.”

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Craft Coffee ships anywhere in the world. You can easily select your destination country when you make your purchase. Check out as usual - you will be charged in US dollars. It’s just $2.99 a month to Canada and $7.99 a month everywhere else.

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