Coffee Gift Subscriptions

Each Gift Includes:

  • FREE Priority Shipping
  • FREE Gift Email w/Personalized Note
  • Our best Reserve-quality coffee selection
  • Option for your recipient to personalize their coffees
  • Option for your recipient to select whole bean or ground coffee
12 month
$ 299.88
(Save 17% off 1-Month price)
Gift_popular 6 month
$ 149.94
(Save 17% off 1-Month price)
3 month
$ 74.97
(Save 17% off 1-Month price)
1 month
$ 29.99
Craft Coffee ships anywhere in the world. $2.99/month extra for Canada, $7.99/month anywhere else.

Each Tasting Box Includes

  • 12 oz of Artisan Coffee

    You'll get 4oz from each of 3 different roasters. That's enough to make 42 cups of outstanding brew!
  • Custom Tasting Notes

    Our experts will guide you on each journey, telling you what flavors to look for in each coffee, honing your palate sip by sip.
  • Expert Brew Tips

    Get professional advice on the best brew method for each coffee. Perfect your pour or learn entirely new ways to brew your Craft Coffee!

Members Rave

"They do an excellent job all around -- interesting sources, thoughtfully assembled -- and I really enjoy the element of surprise every month."
"It's not an exaggeration to say it has changed how I think of coffee. Now most of the other coffees seem burnt and unpalatable."

Still Have Questions?

How do Craft Coffee gift plans work?

On the date you select during checkout, we’ll send a gift email to your recipient. We’ll ask them to tell us about their coffee preferences, and allow them to customize the coffee plan that's perfect for them. They'll get a personalized Craft Coffee delivery on their schedule for the life of the gift you purchase.

Do I need to select a grind?

No, there's no need to worry about selecting a grind. We'll let your gift recipient set their grind type after they receive their gift notification. They can easily change their grind setting at any time.

When will my recipient receive their first box?

On the date you select during checkout, we’ll send a personalized email to your recipient. When they receive that email, they can activate their Craft Coffee gift. Their first delivery will ship within 5 business days of the date they activate their gift.

Do you ship gifts internationally?

Yes! Craft Coffee ships anywhere in the world. You can easily select your recipient’s destination country when you make your purchase. Check out as usual - you will be charged in US dollars.

Will you personalize my gift recipient's coffee?

Absolutely! Your gift recipient will have the option to tell us what types of roasts they prefer, how they brew their coffee, whether they want whole bean or ground coffee, and what kind of coffee they typically drink. They will also be able to rate their coffees on our site. Based on this information, we will personalize their coffee selections and help them find coffee they will love.

Do you ship gifts to APO or other US Military addresses?

Yes! Craft Coffee is proud to ship to our coffee-drinking members of the armed services. Select the appropriate armed forces branch for your recipient in the "Country" field during checkout.

How much does international shipping cost for gifts?

Just $2.99 a month to Canada and $7.99 a month everywhere else.

Can gift plans be put on hold?

Yes - your gift recipient can hold their deliveries for up to 6 months at a time by editing their account settings as soon as they claim their Craft Coffee gift.

I have more questions.

Send us an email at - we’ll respond as quickly as possible.