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In the field below, you can type in the coffee or roaster that you normally drink and we'll help you find one of our fresh roasted coffees that you'll love. After you type in the coffee or roaster name, you can use the up and down arrows to select your coffee from a matching list. Press enter when you've found the coffee that you drink, then tab to continue. There are frequently asked questions at the bottom of the page.

Learn More About How Craft Coffee Works

Why do you ask what coffee I normally drink?

We fresh roast many different styles of coffee. We've specially formulated a wide variety of blends so we're confident we have a great match for you.

How do we get this right? We tested your favorite coffee along with thousands of others in our coffee lab, and we use some very cool technology and a lot of industry expertise to recommend a coffee you're going to love from the very first delivery. Craft Coffee is a better way to buy coffee.

Do you sell the coffee I buy at the store?
Do you sell the coffee listed in the coffee survey?

No, we don't. We sell only Craft Coffee brand coffee that we fresh-roast for you in small batches. Please see the question above to learn more about why we ask what coffee you most enjoy making at home.

I don't see my coffee company listed. How do I buy something without completing the survey?

Sorry that we don't have your coffee company listed in our survey yet. Don't worry, you can and choose from our 11 different coffee options.

If you'd like to let us know about your favorite coffee company, you can also recommend a coffee missing from our survey (opens in a new window).

After I answer the one question coffee survey, can I change my answer?

Yes! You can change your answer very easily with one click after you take the survey.

What kind of coffee do you sell?

We sell Craft Coffee brand coffee that we fresh-roast for you in small batches. Unlike stale grocery store coffee that can sit on shelves for months or longer, we ship your coffee just days after we roast it.

We source our coffee from key growing regions in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. All of our coffee is specialty-grade, 100% Arabica beans that we buy at Fair Trade prices or above. Our coffee experts have years of experience building relationships with coffee farmers and importers to source you the best quality beans available anywhere.

Like many grocery store brands, we don't believe in selling low-quality, unsustainable commodity-grade coffee. Industrial coffee companies use all kinds of tricks to cut their costs and sell you a lower quality product, and we don't believe in that either. One common practice is for commodity coffee companies to buy old "past crop" beans that were farmed more than a year ago at big discounts because they are basically the leftovers that nobody wanted. Another trick is to mix in low-quality Robusta or beans with defects to trick you into buying a lower-quality product. We don't do any of that.

Will I have more than one choice for a recommended coffee after I take the one question coffee survey?

Yes! We'll show you a wide variety of options.

I don't want to take the survey. How do I buy something without completing the survey?

We truly want you to have a great experience with Craft Coffee, and we've found that we're far more likely to deliver that for you if you take our quick one-question survey. So we hope you'll consider taking that. However, if you're sure you'd prefer to skip it, you can and choose from our 11 different coffee options.