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About Craft Coffee Subscriptions

Craft Coffee is the online coffee subscription that started them all. We're a good choice if you're looking for the best prices, the best service, and the best fresh-roasted beans available. We roast your coffee in small batches, pack your beans in-house, and ship within days of roasting.

Why Buy Coffee Online with Craft Coffee?

Since launching in 2011, our goal has always been to use the internet to bring you better coffee for less money. That’s why Fortune Magazine called Craft Coffee "the internet coffee company."
We have a long history of punching above our weight, and setting the standard for online coffee services. Because of that, a lot of our customers are surprised to discover we're a very small startup company with only a handful of team members. We're proud of that! It means your business matters to us, and we work hard to earn it.
In our long journey to create better ways for you to buy coffee beans online, we've done some cool things like inventing the concept of the modern online coffee subscription service, and being the first company to use technology to give you a personalized coffee recommendation to make it easy for you to find coffee you’ll love online.
Our newest product takes things to a whole new level. When you buy just four bags of coffee, you can pay as little as $7.99 per 12oz bag of high-quality, specialty coffee. Free, fast shipping to the US. No tax. No membership fees.
Bottom line -- Buying coffee online with a craft coffee subscription is the best way to get better coffee for less money.
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with any of our 10 flagship blends, or our light-roast single origin

Into the Black Blend

Our darkest flagship blend is Into the Black. This coffee is bold with a capital B. Super dark for true french roast lovers who want the darkest, strongest coffee you can find. This super dark roast pushes lots of oils up to the surface. It’s polarizing. If you’re not into super dark you won’t be able to handle it. But for our super dark lovers, you’re going to fall in love. We blend four different high-quality beans from Brazil, Colombia, East Africa and Sumatra to give this blend deep, bold caramel flavors that hold up through the intensity of the roast, which also gives it a smoky finish. Retails for $12.99 with our individual bag coffee subscriptions but now you can get a bag as part of your four-bag coffee subscription for only $8.49 per 12oz bag. If you love super dark roasts, come fall in love all over again. Start a coffee subscription plan with Into the Black Blend.

Streetlight Blend

Our classic, and most popular dark roast is our Streetlight blend. A bold, rich blend of high-quality Latin American and Sumatran coffees. It’s sweet, smooth and full-bodied with notes like chocolate and toasted nuts. This blend retails for $12.99 with our personal coffee subscription plans, but now with our bulk coffee subscriptions, you can save 38% off the retail price and scoop up these beans for just $7.99 per 12oz bag! Start a coffee subscription plan with Streetlight Blend.


Our classic Sumatra is another true dark roast. Interesting: the 2017 Sumatra harvest was really bad. Weather conditions led to them losing most of their crop, and that means Sumatran coffee is in short supply and prices have skyrocketed for coffee roasters like us. But luckily we have a good supply locked in at fair prices. So you’ll continue to be able to buy our full-bodied, earthy Sumatran for only $8.99 per 12oz bag with your Craft Coffee bulk coffee subscription, or $12.99 with our individual coffee plans. Start a coffee subscription plan with Sumatran beans.

Throwback Blend

Our classic medium-dark blend is Throwback. Perfect if you love Starbucks Breakfast Blend, Caribou Blend or many others. If you could ever taste those blends a few days after they were roasted instead of 6 months old on a warehouse shelf somewhere, this is probably what they would taste like! This coffee is smooth and mellow with a blend of Latin American coffees, and some milk chocolate and toasted caramelly notes. These beans retail for $12.99 with our individual plans, but what fun would that be? Start a four-bag coffee subscription with us and pay only $7.99 per 12oz bag. Start a coffee subscription plan with Throwback Blend.

Ruckus Blend

Our medium-dark Ruckus blend is a mashup of full-bodied, boldly roasted beans from Central America, Sumatra and Africa mixed with our super high quality, sweet and fruity light roasted beans from Central America and East Africa. The combination is full-bodied, layered and sweet with just the right amount of bold flavors and a touch of fruit. This blend retails for $15.99 with our personal coffee subscription plans. But you can include it in your bulk Craft Coffee subscription for only $10.99 with free, fast shipping to the US. Start a coffee subscription plan with Ruckus Blend.

Wanderer Blend

Our true medium roast, Wanderer. Walking that line between the light and the dark. Mia culpa, the label is wrong. We upgraded this blend to a mix of high end Central American, African and Sumatran beans. We aim for this blend and this roast level to bring out a rich, chocolatey profile. A little syrupy, just a little toasty. Is it the perfect medium roast? Maybe so. It’s easy to try for yourself since these super high end beans are only $10.99 for 12oz (and free US shipping) with our four-bag coffee subscriptions. That’s 35% off retail! Start a coffee subscription plan with Wanderer Blend.

Daydream Blend

One of our most popular light roasts is Daydream. We blend these beans for a similar profile to A Day in the Life, but roast them a bit longer. Compared to the lighter A Day in the Life blend, we’re aiming to bring out more chocolate in this roast, and it will have a bit more body. A great option for trying the lighter side of a medium roast. And nothing to lose since you can get 3 different coffees in each delivery with our bulk coffee subscriptions. At $7.99 per 12oz bag, it’s cheaper than Amazon or the grocery store. Except unlike Amazon or the store, it’s fresh-roasted just a few days before we ship to you. Almost too good to be true, but yep, it’s true. Start a coffee subscription plan with Daydream Blend.

Fascination Blend

Say hello to Fascination Blend. These beans are blended for a similar profile to the lighter Shoulder of Giants, but we roast them a bit longer. Still a light roast but starting to lean toward medium. This brings out more chocolate and mellows the high notes just a tad. Like Shoulders of Giants, this retails for $16.99 with our personal coffee subscriptions. But with our new four-bag coffee subscriptions, you get it for only $10.99. And always free US shipping of course! Start a coffee subscription plan with Fascination Blend.

A Day in the Life Blend

Meet: A Day in the Life. This is a much more mellow profile that’s smooth and balanced with nutty flavors and a caramel sweetness. If you like mellow coffees like Dunkin original, this blend is for you. Except now you can experience the difference of coffee small-batch roasted a few days before it ships to you instead of sitting in an industrial warehouse for 6 months! Usually that kind of quality costs a lot more money, but not with a four-bag coffee subscription! How does $7.99 per 12oz bag sound? Start a coffee subscription plan with A Day in the Life Blend.

Shoulders of Giants Blend

Rounding out our flagship blends is Shoulders of Giants. It’s a blend of very high quality Latin American and Ethiopian coffees. This is a super light roasted coffee, comparable to what you’d find at 3rd wave roasters for about $16 to $19. Our price? $16.99 with our personal coffee subscriptions, and only $10.99 with our four-bag coffee subscriptions. The coffee in this blend changes seasonally to ensure you’re always getting a bright, vibrant brew. Typical origins for the American component include Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Colombia. The African component is almost always a very high end Ethiopian bean. Start a coffee subscription plan with Shoulders of Giants Blend.