The First Tech Startup in the Coffee Industry

Craft Coffee is fundamentally rethinking the $71B coffee industry. Our radical notion is that technology has enabled a customer-centered approach to coffee that was never before possible. We're building a better way to buy coffee.

Data, technology, product and user experience are at the core of the company we're building. No coffee company in the world is set up to operate this way. But we are. Since 2011 we've built what Fortune Magazine called "the internet coffee company." We've sold millions worth of coffee to customers all over the world. As a startup, we ask the kinds of questions and collect the kinds of data you'd expect. And since we're the only real tech startup in the space, we arrived at conclusions that have blown the minds of every coffee industry veteran we know.

"a new discovery model ... called the Coffee DNA Project"
"the internet coffee company"
"the Pandora of coffee"

Get Immersed in your Work

When you're in the business of curating the world's best coffee, it's pretty great to be immersed in your work.

  • After 6 months at or above a manager level, you can accompany our green buyer on an expenses-paid trip to a coffee-growing country!
  • You'll work out of our Williamsburg, Brooklyn office where we roast fresh coffee every day. Get ready to get spoiled.
  • We'll supply you with the perfect home coffee brewing setup.
  • And, of course, you'll receive a free Craft Coffee subscription.

We're Kind of Like a Big Deal

We're backed by a group of global, top-tier investors, including YCombinator and 500 Startups.

Our partners include brands like TED and Wired.

We've been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, TechCrunch, Wired, Fast Company, Esquire, New York Magazine and a whole lot more.

Engineering & Product


Music, movies, art, dining, dating, advertising. You name it, somebody is applying data science to it. Except coffee. Why has this $71 billion global industry gone entirely untouched by data science? Because coffee is just coffee, right? Wrong! We know from years of running the only real tech startup in this space that coffee is deceptively complex. That's why we rebuilt our service around the Coffee DNA Project. Want to run the most ambitious experiment ever into understanding coffee drinkers' taste preferences?


We're building the first true tech startup in coffee. We use technology to acquire and retain customers, to collect data about their preferences, to connect them with products they love, and to fulfill orders intelligently. We care deeply about product and customer experience. We believe that technology has the power to transform industries and to change the way business is done. Help us fundamentally rethink this $71B industry.


Technology allows us to take a uniquely customer-centered approach to coffee. You will help us build the UI/UX that makes this possible. Whether it's our physical product or our digital one, the UI is where we communicate with customers. It's where we ask for the inputs that power our Coffee DNA Project, and where we need to convey the value of engaging with our product. It must be sleek, functional and intuitive. Building a modern digitial experience around a physical product is a juicy challenge. Interested?



You will be directly responsible for our growth in new paying customers. You will develop and execute paid and unpaid growth initiatives. You'll also analyze and report results to our team. You will run performance-driven acquisition campaigns for web and mobile.


Frictionless communication with our customers is everything. Our customer experience team is on the front lines, and always learning. You will gather key insights, collaborate closely with our Growth team, and take actions that have a direct impact in growing Craft Coffee.


You will be our chief storyteller. Every coffee has a story, and our product presents those stories through an entirely new customer experience. You will hone our message and lead our efforts to tell the world about our product and the incredible work that our team is doing.



Our Production Roaster will work with our Head of Coffee to roast coffee for our customers. This is a truly unique opportunity to help define the coffee program of a company that has a global customer-base, and to instantly bring your coffee to many thousands of people around the world.



We are building a world-class supply chain operation that creates value for both our customers and for our network of roaster partners. You'll play a significant role in creating that value. You will always be thinking about how you can add efficiency to our systems, and how you can decrease our costs while also improving our customers' experiences. You will have significant responsibility in helping to manage our vendor relationships, our production systems, and our fulfillment operations.



You won't fetch the coffee - we make our own. Craft Coffee interns are expected to build an employable resume through self-directed projects. One intern said: "When I was interviewing for full-time roles at NYC-based startups, it was really valuable for me to have concrete examples of the new systems I had put in place at Craft Coffee." Post-internship startup employment? So far, we've got a 100% placement rate.