Barrington Coffee Company

Featured in October 2013 Box

Barrington Coffee Roasting Company has been around for nearly twenty years, but their mission has remained the same since day one. While the coffee world has changed immensely during that time, Barrington has remained the stalwart standard – everyone else just finally caught up. They were certified organic in the early ‘80s—way before most people knew what that even meant, and have practiced direct-trade long enough that by now, most of their farmers are more like family. This Yigracheffe is popping with vibrant bergamot flavors and a sparkling acidity all laced-together with a delicate, clean finish. Old hats know that when a truly great coffee comes along, it may be a one-time event. Ethiopia's coffee trade is tightly regulated, and its unknown whether Barrington will be able to get their hands on this exact coffee again. So enjoy it while it lasts, because once it's gone…

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We feature truly small-batch, seasonal coffees. So there might not be any left. But that's a good thing! Only big corporate factories have the same stuff all year round.

  • Roaster

    Barrington Coffee Company
    Lee Massachussets
  • Producer

    ALEMU Washing Station
  • Origin

    Kochere, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
  • Varieties

  • Elevation

    1,800-2,000 meters above sea level
  • Process

    Washed, sun-dried
  • Our Notes

    This delightfully clean and playful coffee combines sparkling green grape and lime acidity with a deep lingering sweetness reminiscent of raspberry jam and butterscotch candy.