Kaldi's Coffee

Featured in July 2013 Box

When it comes to finding great Latin American coffees, Mexico typically loses out to its southern neighbors. In fact, this is only the second Mexican coffee we’ve featured in over two years. But when Amanda, one of our expert panelists, exclaimed “this is the best Mexican coffee I’ve ever tasted!,” we were sold, and we knew you had to try it. Most quality Mexican coffees come from Oaxaca or Chiapas, making these beans from the town of Coatepec a rare find. Even rarer still, this coffee was processed at a mill where farmers bring freshly-picked coffee cherries—not the norm in Mexico where beans are often processed by the individual farmer with mixed results—so the mill had more control over quality. That approach clearly paid off in this sweet, chocolatey brew.

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We feature truly small-batch, seasonal coffees. So there might not be any left. But that's a good thing! Only big corporate factories have the same stuff all year round.

  • Roaster

    Kaldi's Coffee
    St. Louis Missouri
  • Producer

    A community of smallholder farmers
  • Origin

    Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico
  • Varieties

    Bourbon, Caturra, Typica
  • Elevation

    1,200-1,400 meters above sea level
  • Process

    Washed, patio dried
  • Our Notes

    One of the best Mexican coffees we’ve ever tasted. It opens with deep aromas of dark caramel, raisin and chocolate that lead into a round, clean cup. A light citrus acidity balances sweet flavors of dried plum and black cherries.