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What's different for international customers?

If you live outside the United States, you can gift or subscribe to Craft Coffee just like our customers in the US.

We strongly encourage you to buy whole bean coffee. Whole bean coffee stays fresh longer, and international shipping times can be unpredictable.


We ship international orders via US Postal Service First Class Mail. The United States Postal Service estimates that boxes will arrive 6 to 12 business days after shipping. However, please note that results in each country vary based on the mail systems of your delivery country.

We cannot guarantee a delivery time for your subscription. In many countries, we see delivery times within the estimated window. However, in some countries (including Canada), we have seen delivery times of 4 weeks or more. As USPS First Class Mail is not a guaranteed delivery method, we cannot refund you for boxes that arrive later than you were hoping. All sales are final.

Pricing and Payment

You will enjoy the same great pricing as our United States customers, plus the additional shipping costs for international delivery via US Postal Service Priority Mail. All sales are final.

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