Office Coffee Subscriptions

  • All coffee $15 per bag.
  • Free Shipping in the US
  • Each bag is 12 oz
Orders placed by 5pm EST will ship by: August 25
(minimum order: 4 bags)
Single-origin beans, only
Mostly blends, but also single-origin beans
Mostly blends, but also single-origin beans
Total Bags:
Total Price:
What should I select?
Minimum order: 4 bags

How much coffee should we order?

We recommend about 2 bags per coffee drinker per month. If you find that you need a different amount, you can always adjust your order at any time.

Coffee drinkers in your office? 2 5 10 15
We recommend per month: 4 bags 10 bags 20 bags 30 bags

Features of Our Office Coffee Program

  • Quality, Meet Convenience

    This isn’t your parents’ grocery store coffee! We source from the top 65 independent roasters in the world, each delivery hand-roasted in small batches immediately before shipping.
  • Employee perks

    As an office coffee member, all of your employees will receive exclusive discounts on our home delivery service.
  • We’ve got you covered

    Right after ordering, we’ll assign you a dedicated Coffee Concierge. He'll help you purchase the right equipment, schedule refills, and set a convenient delivery schedule based on your needs.

Members Rave

"They do an excellent job all around -- interesting sources, thoughtfully assembled -- and I really enjoy the element of surprise every month."
"It's not an exaggeration to say it has changed how I think of coffee. Now most of the other coffees seem burnt and unpalatable."

Still Have Questions?

What do we do if we run out of coffee before our next regular delivery arrives?

After you checkout you’ll be able to contact your Coffee Concierge by email or phone at any time to schedule a “topoff” to hold you over until your next regular delivery arrives.

Do you sell coffee equipment?

Yes! Your Coffee Concierge can help you figure out the best combination of equipment to suit your needs and budget.

How fresh is the coffee in your deliveries?

We coordinate closely with our roasters to ensure that our coffees are roasted at the last possible moment before delivering them to you. When your box arrives, the coffee will usually be about 7 days past the roast date.

How can we get the best results from the coffees in each delivery?

We’ve created a series of brew guides that make it easy to get a perfect cup out of nearly every brewing device, from automatic coffee makers and French press to single cup pourover methods.

What grind should we select for our office coffee plan?

We always recommend that you buy whole bean coffee. Your coffee will be much fresher and taste much better if you grind it before brewing. However, if you're not ready to grind your own beans quite yet, then we offer a variety of grinds for almost any type of brew method.

We've prepared a helpful guide on how to grind your coffee to help you! Just look for your favorite brew method and match up the size grind with what you can produce at home.

Can we cancel our office coffee plan?

Yes, you can cancel your plan at anytime.

Do you have a terms of service and privacy policy?

Here's our terms of service and our privacy policy.

We have more questions.

Send us an email at - we usually respond within a single business day.